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Practice & Experience

Figestor is a long-established privately owned trust and fiduciary company which has its headquarters in Switzerland with activities dating back to 1974. Based in Geneva, a leading-edge hub for international wealth management, we take advantage of the Swiss financial center’s vast resources and professional skills, which are readily available.

Proud of our independent ownership model

Figestor is not associated with any banking or financial institutions. Because of our independence, we are able to serve our clients free of conflicts of interest. In addition we have made the choice to focus solely on our core competencies and not to engage in any banking, custodial or asset management services.


Owner managed culture

Ownership of Figestor is aligned with senior management, leading to an efficient decision making process which also encompasses a business culture fully focused on long term objectives, thereby ensuring a sustainable business model. We cherish stability and continuity as much as our clients do.

Best of both worlds

Figestor combines the “best of both worlds”, having the sophistication, technical knowledge and international expertise of a large financial institution while also providing a personalized, customer-focused service that clients have come to expect from an independent trust and fiduciary company. Figestor has committed its resources to meet the increasingly complex needs of wealthy international families.

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